K9 Pro Thermometers

2 in 1 Thermometer with Hand Sanitizing Soap Dispenser - Instant Temperature Read, Light-Sensitive Distance Sensor + 1000mL Capacity - Automatic Liquid Sanitizer Soap - Hands Free

  • SOAP LIQUID TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT COMBINATION: When measuring the temperature of the hand, disinfectant can be obtained at the same time, and the hand can be disinfected to avoid cross-infection.
  • 1000ML LARGE-CAPACITY DESIGN: 1000ml of alcohol-based liquid disinfectant can be filled each time, which can achieve 500-800 hand disinfection.
  • HIGH-PRECISION NON-CONTACT: K9 Pro works normally at an ambient temperature of 10-40°C, and the measurement distance is 5-10cm. The test accuracy difference of advanced infrared sensor chips is ±0.2°F (34~45°C). Automatic temperature abnormal alarm: red light flashes, continuous alarm sound “Di, Di…”
  • LARGE LCD SCREEN + SOAP WINDOW: The large LCD screen clearly displays the reading data, and has a light fault detection warning and an abnormal temperature light warning. 1000ml large-capacity manufacturing storage library, the visible capacity is clear at a glance.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: non-contact temperature measuring soap dispenser can be used in homes, offices, supermarkets, large shopping malls, subways, schools and other large places. 
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2 degree C
  • Mounting type: either Wall-hanging, tripod fixed
  • Size: 4.69 inches x 5.24 inches x 11.03 inches (119 x 133 x 280 mm)
  • Weight: 2.10 lbs (952g)

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