I am so satisfied with Fineneil’s service and i much believe to do business with Teresa, she is quite nice and helpful, we have cooperated for 3 years.Wish Fineneil be successfully.
I found Teresa in a Facebook Group when i looking for K3 manufacturer, she sent many information to me and i placed a sample order in the first time. It delivered in time and i opened the goods, it is really what i need and the packing intact, i tested them, no defective goods. I will order from Fineneil again.
I bought this to help us with entry processes at our school. I am in charge of "temperature checks" and I am really afraid of that station for a number of reasons. Using a hand thermometer was not working for me as people were breathing heavily in my face as I checked temperatures, the hand thermometers would malfunction etc. so I bought this item. I love it. It is fast and helps everyone including me to stay safe in the new life of COVID 19. It reads anywhere from .5 to 1 degree different from the hand thermometer we were using, but that I can live with.
Terrace gardens
Compact thermometer, quick display, save time. This thermometer has ray sensor, no need to stand near, display temperature right on led light. Designed to be mounted to the ceiling, it is comfortable and does not require extra labor to measure.
Huy Le
This auto scan thermometer works better the closer you get to the sensors. While it can get a reading at about 9” away, if you get closer, within 6”, the reading is more accurate. The only challenge is that the long stem of the thermometer looks intimidating, but people get over it quickly. The display is readable and the audible is clear and can be heard within the room.
Well, when I got one of these before, I had no idea the whole family would fight over it. So I had to get another one for our son's devices as well. We take it with us to doctor appointments out of town and the park, and if we are travelling to sporting events and more. This thing charges nicely by cord or by solar charging, and best of all, it uses qi technology to charge my phone wirelessly. (I may or may not "borrow" it frequently for that purpose alone.) It has a great flashlight for taking to the basement or at night when he leaves something in the van, or even to his clubhouse. The flashlight has emergency flash features for signaling road emergencies if needed too (not that my child drives yet, but in case I am "borrowing it again" and need that feature.) It holds a charge and at the rate of 30,000 can charge his tablet several times and my phone like 6 or more times. It has even charged 3 devices at once without taking forever to do so. That was particularly impressive! So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a techie without breaking the bank, this is always a great choice. Even if they have one already, chances are someone may be "borrowing" their charging brick, and they would appreciate the extra one anyway.
TechMama I've been looking for options for listening to my music that don't involve earbuds because I hate not being able to hear what's going on around me when I'm walking near a road or hiking. It's important to be able to hear if a motorist or a bike is coming up behind you. I'm also a caretaker so I can't totally block out sound as I have to be able to hear my father call me. This headband set is a definite plus to my (somewhat extensive!) collection of Bluetooth options for my phone and music listening needs. It's comfortable and warm yet not hot (I'm post menopausal so I don't need help keeping warm!), and the range is AWESOME (I can go throughout the whole house and get clear reception). Unlike many of these hat/headband sets, you *can* get the receiver and microphones out of the headband to wash it. It *is* finicky, but they have left openings in the pockets which allow for their removal with an opening where the charging cord is that is large enough to get them all out. Do remember they are all connected by a wire inside so you have to carefully slip them out as a unit. All in all very happy with this headband. So much so that I may get one for my daughter for Christmas. She works outside a lot and I think she would really appreciate this
Theresa Heim